About PMTP

The WSU Pest Management Transition Project (PMTP) was originally designed to address the Washington apple industry's need to learn ways to transition from the use of organophosphate insecticides. This was accomplished through a combination of educational programs including small group participation (Implementation Units), development of a management handbook, newsletters and a comprehensive fruit school.

Although the original PMTP terminated, a newer project, Apple Integrated Pest Management Transition Project (AIMPTP) was initiated to build on the efforts made by PMTP. Since the EPA mandated phase-out of azinphosmethyl (AZM, Guthion) is still ongoing, continuation of education is still needed to ensure a smooth transition to more environmentally stable orchard management practices. With this in mind, AIMPTP is endeavoring to reach the widest audience possible. We wish to assist the last of those individuals still having difficulties making the transition; continue to support those who have already made the switch; and educate the general public about the changes that have already occurred making the food supply and the environment healthier.

To learn more about PMTP and AIPMTP visit out web site at: pmtp.wsu.edu