Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Taiwan Systems Approach Work Plan Training and Other Sessions of Import

Its time to mark your calendar for this year's apple training sessions.
If you are planning to export your apples from the Pacific Northwest to Canada, China, Japan, Mexico or Taiwan you need to be registered with the appropriate exporting agent, Northwest Fruit Exporters or the Northwest Horticultural Council. This year's registrant packets should be on their way to those who are already registered. If you aren't registered, now is the time to do so. There will be a joint work plan informational meeting in Wenatchee at 10 am on Aug. 2 at the Red Lion and one in Yakima at 10 am on Aug. 3 at the Howard Johnson's.

If you are planning to export apples to Taiwan you need personnel trained to perform orchard and bin sampling, as well as having at least 2 certified cull cutters in the packing facility. Each requires retraining/certification every other year. However, annual refresher training is never a bad idea. So far this year 4 combined training sessions have been scheduled:
Aug. 3, 10am - Prosser   Aug. 5, noon - Yakima   Aug. 10, 3pm - Wenatchee   Aug. 15, 2pm - Brewster

For details on requirements, schedules, locations and directions visit our web site.