Tuesday, August 30, 2011

eNewsletter: Enhancing Western Orchard Biological Control

Tachinid flies are a natural enemy of leafroller
and other Lepidoptera that feed on foliage.
What is Biocontrol?

Biological control occurs when pest populations are reduced by their natural enemies.  All pest species have natural enemies.  The effect of biocontrol can be enhanced by importing enemy species from the pest’s native country, increasing the number of already existing natural enemies, or working to conserve the natural enemies that are already present.  A research project, led by Vince Jones at the WSU Tree Fruit Research & Extension Center, is looking at ways to improve biocontrol and reduce the negative effects of pesticides on natural enemies.

To learn more about Biocontrol and this project read our newest eNewsletter

Inside this issue:
  • What is biocontrol?
  • Enhancing biocontrol in western orchards
  • Lab studies on pesticide effects
  • Natural enemy phenology
Read about Biocontrol here: http://pmtp.wsu.edu/newsletters.html
For more information about the Enhanced Biocontrol project visit their website here: http://enhancedbiocontrol.org

Friday, August 12, 2011

Stink Bug eNewsletter

Chlorochroa sp.
Do you have a stink bug problem or would you just like to know more about this group of insects? Our newest issue of the PMTP eNewsletter is out and full of information about stink bugs.

Inside this issue:
  • Photo ID of our most common species
  • Fruit injury compared to bitter pit
  • Monitoring, traps and control
  • How to tell if you have Brown Marmorated or something else
Read all about stink bug here: http://pmtp.wsu.edu/newsletters.html